Selected Press.

2016 TheTelegram, Rock and Roll and Take Cover, Joan Sullivan                                                                                                                                       

2016 TheOvercast, Cover Art of Classic Albums, Eva Crocker                                                                                                                                            

2015 The Telegram, Exhibit Unites Sight and Sound, Joan Sullivan

2015 The Artlyst, Peter Wilkins, Lost in Music

2014 Newfoundland Quarterly, Gander Airport Feature
2013 ‘La Biennale di Venezia’, 2013 Collateral Event Catalogue
2013 Canadian Art, Faces Feature, Rock and Lagoon, Leah Sandals
2013 Vie des Artes, Will Gill and Peter Wilkins, Demi Tour, Michelle Sommers
2013 Riddle Fence, back cover and Venice artworks
2013 Artsy, ‘Curators Picks from the Venice Biennale’, Jonathan Shaughnessy
2013 Canadian Art an article by Leah Sandals.
2013 Toronto Star an article by Murray Whyte.
2013 CBC Radio One, Weekend Arts Magazine, Inteview by Angela Antle.
2013 Blouin Art Info an article by Sky Goodden.
2013 Il Gazzettino an Italian article by Adriano Favaro.
2013 Western Star, Artists Invited to Prestigious Show, Tara Bradbury
2013 ArtSlant, Canada's Official Representation at the Venice Biennale
2013 Canadian Writers Abroad, Writers by the Dozen: Peter Wilkins’ Portraits.
2013 The Telegram, Canadian Moving Portraits, by Joan Sullivan.
2013 Canada International, 12 Kinetic Portraits, by Bruce Johnson.
2011 The Toronto Star, Image of the Day, Murray Whyte
2011 The Telegram, Newfoundland Artist Shines in Toronto, Colin Maclean
2010 The Compass,Portrait of the Artist
2009 Riddlefence, Featured Artist
2009 The Morning Show, CBC Radio One, St John's
2009 The Telegram, The Art of the Portrait, Karla Hayward
2009 The Gazette, Artist-in-Residence, by Janet Harron
2009 The Muse, Artist-in-Residence, by Sarah King
2009 The Telegram, Inaugral Artist-in-Residence, by Everton Maclean
2008 Newfoundland Quarterly Online Exclusive, Newtopia
2008 The Telegram, Newtopian Visions, review by Tara Mullowney 
2008 CBC Radio One, Weekend Arts Report, interview with Angela Antle 
2008 The Telegram (pdf) 12 Kinetic Portaits acquired by Portrait Gallery of Canada
2008 CBC Central Morning Show, interview with Leigh Anne Power
2008 The Gander Beacon (and The Telegram) Profile on the Gander Project by Brian Scott.
2008 The Independent (pdf) Gallery Profile, by Mandy Cook
2007 CBC Radio One, Weekend Arts Report, interview with Angela Antle
2007 NTV Evening News (video) (Stripes in Series), interview with Toni Marie Wiseman
2007 The Telegram, review by Joan Sullivan.
2007 CBC News Morning (video), interview
2007 NTV Evening News,(video) (Kinetic Portraits) interview with Toni Marie Wiseman
2007 CBC Radio One, Weekend Arts Report, interview with Angela Antle
2007 The Express (pdf), 10 Questions for an Artist
2007 The Telegram (pdf), review and profile by Tara Mullowney
2007 The Independent (pdf), review by Noreen Golfman
2007 Newfoundland Quartely (pdf), review.
2007 The Newfoundland Herald (pdf), preview.
2007 Art in Newfoundland, review by Craig Francis Power
2006 Kinetic Portraits of 12 Canadian Writers. (pdf) Dr. Jennifer Dyer, Shauna McCabe.
2006 Dream Job, interview by Steve Bartlett for The Express Newspaper, St John's, NL.
2006 CBC News, Here and Now, 5 minute profile by Katie Nicholson.
2005 Going for Baroque: Aesthetic Order and Contemporary Visual Art. A public lecture
delivered in Ottawa, ON and St John’s, NL by Dr. Jennifer Dyer.
2004 Cyber Arts, 2004, International Compendium – Prix Ars Electronica 2004
2004 Zed TV, CBC, profile and interview by Deanne Foley
2004 The Beat, Canada Today, profile and interview by Katie Nicholson
2004 CBC, The Weekend Show, radio interview by Susan Woolridge
2004 CBC, The Morning Show, radio interview by Mac Furlong.
2004 Sunday Independent, interview and feature by Monica Porter.
2004 12 Kinetic Portraits, A Review, By Dr. Jennifer Dyer.
2004 Newfoundland Celebs Featured in Digital Exhibit. CBC News Online, The Arts Report